Texas Address Points Datasets Transformed Into Common Schema

In collaboration with stakeholders from across Texas, TNRIS acquired statewide GIS address point data. The data were aggregated, standardized into a common schema, and are currently available on the TNRIS DataHub by county. The data schema is a subset of the 2018 CSEC NG9-1-1 Data Standard. The 2019 version replaces the 2017 version collected by the Center for Water and the Environment.

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Previously, address point data for non-emergency purposes was time-consuming to acquire and standardize due to the many authoritative sources.

According to Michelle Culver of the Beach Access & Dune Protection Program at the Texas General Land Office:

“…standardized and easily accessible data like the statewide address points and statewide parcel data increases the efficiency in which our program is able to review permit applications, ultimately shortening our review time. So this allows us to provide expedient support to local governments during their review process and to provide property owners with responses to their permit applications within a shorter timeframe.”

Data were received from across 247 counties and may not be complete in coverage. Each file identifies the source and date of data. Please see the StratMap Address Points website for timeline, frequently asked questions, and program flow.

All address point data are provided in a single coordinate system (WGS84 Web Mercator) which is the recommended standard for sharing GIS data on the Web.

Each address point dataset on the DataHub consists of a zip file including:

  • File geodatabase
  • Shapefile
  • Conversion file (field mappings from the source to the common schema)
  • Metadata

Available Address Point Data Map

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