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StratMap Contracts

After four years of success, the re-bid of StratMap Contracts is happening now! The solicitation response deadline has passed. We anticipate the new pool of vendors to be available with active DIR master contracts by Summer 2020.

The Department of Information Resources (DIR) maintains multiple Cooperative Contracts which are designed to strengthen Texas’ capabilities to procure quality digital map data, services and software. The contracts are for use by customers that include Texas state, regional and local government offices, including river and water authorities, and public education entities. The process for procuring GIS products, custom geospatial data and services and software is administered by TNRIS and known as the Texas Strategic Mapping (StratMap) Contracts.

The StratMap/DIR Contracts are awarded to companies which are technically evaluated by a team of GIS professionals and determined to provide quality geographic data products, services, and GIS software. The availability of these contracts streamlines the procurement process for any acquisition of geographic data, services, and software and provides beneficial competition among some of the best companies in the industry.

Texas Department of Information Resources


DIR's 2020 GIS contract initiative is listed as:

Type of Service/Products

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Hardware, Software, and Services and Information Technology (IT) Based Land Surveying Hardware, Software and Related Services.

How does this work?

  • New data acquisition projects are determined by identifying type of data required, location, specification, budget and timeline for delivery.
  • Data acquisition, production and independent quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) responsibilities are awarded to Vendors who have been awarded geospatial contracts through the Department of Information Resources (DIR).
  • After the final data deliverables are accepted, they are placed in the public domain for use by local, regional and federal government, academia, private industry and the public and maintained by TNRIS.

What are the Benefits?

Strategic Collaboration and Integration

Bringing together professional expertise across the geospatial community enhances the cohesion of project specifications, provides volume pricing opportunities, ensures the capture of regulatory and industry requirements and results in better quality of data products.

Taxpayer Value

By combining our geospatial projects, we can acquire a larger area at a pre-negotiated discounted unit price and reduce duplication.

Efficient Purchasing Process

Because competitively bid contracts are already in place, the solicitation process has been eliminated for you. A statement of work and a purchase order referencing the Vendor's DIR (StratMap) Contract meets ordering requirements.

Project Assistance and Coordination

There are several product offerings options ranging from self-service to full service. Part of the value that TNRIS brings to the administration of Texas Strategic Mapping (StratMap) Services is the expertise that we offer by introducing you to potential project partners to expand the areas of interest or to share the project cost.

Continuous Improvement

Each project performed under the StratMap Services contracts adds to the base of existing valuable historical data and experience and helps to improve data standards and overall project management.

Increased Opportunity for Cost Sharing

By taking the first step to notify us about your potential project at:, you may be alerted to another entity interested in purchasing a similar product or area of interest.

Pre-screened Companies with Geospatial experience

Each of the selected companies were carefully evaluated for project experience and success. Qualifications include project experience, technology innovation, professional staff, and available resources.