Masthead for TNRIS Events

TNRIS Events

TNRIS brings the GIS community together through long established events like the Texas GIS Forum, and cutting edge meetups like the GeoRodeo. In addition, as part of the GIO's duties, we host a quarterly GIS Community Meeting to update our stakeholders and share information. We hold these events in order to connect with and give back to the GIS community, facilitating the collaboration and knowledge-sharing that keeps our field moving forward.

Annual Texas GIS Forum

For over three decades, the Texas GIS Forum has been the premiere gathering for the statewide GIS community. While we don't have pages going all the way back to then, you can still visit the pages for current and recent Forums below.

GeoRodeo - GeoDeveloper Round-Up

The GeoRodeo is a roundup of geodevelopers, coders, and professionals from across the state of Texas who are looking to incorporate new ideas and creative solutions into their work. This free, interactive, technical conference is geared toward the Texas GIS/geospatial developer community.